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The eyes are the focal point of the face and our most expressive feature. Eye treatments can accentuate and give more definition to the eyes aswel as giving balance to the face.

FLIRTIES semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual synthetic lashes that are applied to the natural lash as a one-on-one basis. They will thicken and lengthen your natural lashes whilst looking as natural as possible. They are virtually weightless and you will soon forget you are even wearing them. 3-6D volume lashes are applied on the same basis, but using ultra fine mink lashes. You can apply upto 6 of these per natural lash - the result? Amazingly full, silky lashes!

Flirties 3D brows are individual synthetic hairs which are applied singularly to the brows to create shape and definition. They will last 2-4 weeks depending on skin type & lifestyle.  Have the brows you've always dreamed of!

XAGGERATE semi-permanent mascara is applied to the natural lashes by the coating of a bonding agent & fibre. Lasting around 2-3 weeks, it can be applied in 30 minutes. It will thicken & lengthen both top and bottom lashes giving you the same effect any good mascara would. Goodbye panda eyes! No smudging, running & is totally waterproof. 

Flirties curve lash lift is a semi permanent method of lifting the upper lashes and will last approximately 6-8 weeks. It helps to give the illusion of length to short and very straight lashes, and allows for an easier application of mascara. It can also help to lift drooping eyelids and good for special occasions & holidays.


Nail enhancements started as a service for women with soft or easily broken nails and has now expanded to be a fashion statement for all women. Anyone can now have the nail style of their choice. Natural or outrageous, french manicured or airbrushed. Enhanced nails can improve the beauty of your hands, aid nail bitters in growing their own nails and  boost your overall confidence.

We only use products from Creative Nail design for our nail extensions who are highly regarded in the nail industry. No electric files or drills are used, and no damage should occur to your natural nail considering they are maintained and removed correctly.

Shellac / Gellish 

The new 14 day manicure & pedicure system to take the industry by storm.  Say goodbye to waiting for varnish to dry, goodbye smudges, goodbye chips!Shellac, by CND, combines the best properties of gel with the best properties of varnish to give you the FIRST HYBRID Nail system! The 14 day flawless manicure that's completely dry immediately! Ideal for those who love to keep their nails natural, and can also be applied over extensions. No chips, no smudges just a mirror finish in minutes

Manicures / Pedicures

Not all people feel they need or want  nail extensions and prefer regular manicures and pedicures to maintain and look after their natural nails.

Other than a totally relaxing experience, benefits of regular manicures and pedicures include:

  • The skin, hands and feet are kept healthy and supple and free from infections.
  • Cuticle and nail wall can be freed from the nail plate, avoiding hang nail formation.
  • The outline of the nail is kept smooth to maintain an attractive appearance.
  • Prevention of minor nail damage eg. splits / tears / fragile free edges


We use the BeBeau cream strip wax and non strip wax for intimate areas, which remains soft & flexible on the skin. A cleanser & pre wax oil will be applied before your treatment, and will be finished with an after wax lotion & Jasmin oil which will help to soothe the skin & reduce redness / irritation.

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